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Our Team

The people behind the awesomeness

Michael Rainey; Managing Partner at UX Solutions

Michael has nurtured UX Solutions from a bud of a flowering idea into reality. And remains an integral contact for each project

Michael Rainey

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Alab Narang - UX Specialist at UX Solutions

Alab is a globetrotter. He also believes User Experience (UX) is the ultimate game changer for your business.

"Alabhya" Alab Narang

Co-Founder & UX Specialist

Eva Giannikou - Web Developer at UX Solutions

Eva doesn't believe in her description. Her work speaks for it.

Eva Giannikou

Web Developer

Apostolos Misailidis - Web Designer and Developer at UX Solutions

Apostolos is in charge of bringing his positive and powerful attitude to the team. His designing & development skills are inspired by his creativity and slightly different take on life.

Apostolos Misailidis

Web Designer & Developer

Eduardo Vitale - Digital Strategist at UX Solutions

Eduardo gets inspired by successful designs; he loves to lead every process of creation.

Eduardo Vitale

Digital Strategist

Sammy Boyko - Video Strategy and  Creative at UX Solutions

Sammy - "Nemluvím Česky ale mluvím cinematograficky. I don't speak Czech, but I speak the language of cinematography".

Sammy Boyko

Video Strategy & Creative

Lada Gofenshefer - Designer at UX Solutions

Lada, turns imaginations and concepts into visual forms

Lada Gofenshefer


Martin Muron - Marketing Director at UX Solutions

You look at something and see what it is…. I see an opportunity. BTW how awesome is this picture??

Martin Muron

Marketing Director

Keith Kaska - Sales Manager at UX Solutions

Keith, a Canadian-Czech is a driven people oriented person;
Lives by the mantra: Some men see things as they are and ask why, I dream of things that never were and ask why not?

Keith Kaska

Sales Manager

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